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This is a page detailing the story about Tj's Mercenarys. This while be quite long, but it is an exciting and good story. My series is split into different sections


Water for the Wastes

Repair the Steel

Simulation #55

The Slaves of The Raiders

10 Years Later

Origins: Tj

Origins: Shane

Origins: Michael


Introduction: Tj, holed up in a destroyed house in the middle of the Wastes, decides out of nowhere that he should start a mercenary group. Although alone, he hears a noise from downstairs. Its an escaped Raider slave called Shane. They quickly become best friends and are partners in Tj's Mercenarys. During one of their first jobs, they have to rescue a scientist called Tristan from a group of Raiders. He explains to them that he wants to supply clean and non irratiated water to everyone in the Wastes. He hires the group to protect him from Raiders while working on the project so he doesn't get captured again or killed. But its not long before he becomes part of the group itself. While patroling an abandoned settlement out of nowhere a portal opens, and someone called Michael comes through. All of them totally confused about what just happened but Michael explains he was an Assassin in the 16th century and touched a mysterious floating object and he suddenly ended up here. He still had it in his hand. He becomes part of the group when the mercs discover his exceptional skill with the sword.

Water for the Wastes: The mercs start the project now known as "Water for the Wastes". Tristan starts the project by somehow finding a way to purify the water. While he spends his time thinking, the rest of the gang are constanly fighting off attacking Raiders, as if they want the world to be the worst place possible. Tristan eventually encounters a problem. He needs a huge power source for the huge purifier they have constructed with some hired help. While thinking off a solution, the mysterious object that Michael used to time travel fell off his desk and into the circuit box. It touches an exposed wire and the purifier comes to life. Tristan names the object a "P.E.S." and uses it to charge the purifier. As soon as it is turned on, a huge spark goes off and hits all the mercs, all get knocked out.

Repairing the Steel: Tj wakes up to a bed in a large building. Its the home of the Steel Warriors mercenary group, who will take charge of the purifier, for a small favor. The rest of the mercs are alive and he sees that he has a decent group. Around 20 trigger happy men. Shane, Michael and Tristan are alive too. The leader of the Steel Warriors meets the group, telling them that they will defend the purifier, while Tj's Mercs gets full credit for it, if they help slim the Raider population in the Wastes. They happily agree, and are given 6 well- trained men to help them. They set for an air force base controlled by the Raiders....

Simulation #55: The Mercs get two different radio sinals asking for help, and they split up to uncover each one. Tristan and Michael head west of base and find some Steel Warriors being attacked by mutants. They help fight the mutants off and the Steel Warriors lead them to their camp. There is a locked armoury in an underground base in the city they are in. The only way to open it is to pass through Simulation #55, with saftey disabled.....

The Slaves of the Raiders: Tj and Shane head north of base to uncover the other help call. They find one of Shane's old Slave buddies called Willis, who is trying to free all the slaves. Tj and Shane offer to help. Willis has Shane's old chainsaw..... (oh dear)

10 Years Later: Tj and some mercs attack an underground cave controlled by some Raiders. A new weapon being developed in the cave, called the Iceinator totally freezes Tj in a solid ice block, and the mercs with him die. Tj's Mercenarys have been looking for him ever since. 10 Years Later.... Shane and a group of mercs find Tj and bring him back to base. Tristan knows that the only way to bring back to life now.... is to turn him into a Cyborg. Tj gains many new skills as well as arms that can turn into miniguns etc. Tristan secretly gets infected by the Raider Infection V2, which shows no symtoms until a Raider activates them. He betrays the group and turns Raider, bringing his own infected Spec Op group, The Shadow Company. Tj and all the troops in the world attack Rapture, the main Raider base and manage to cure Tristan.... and manage to blow up Rapture in the process.

Its the End.... or is it?

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

The setting of the series is heavily influenced by Fallout and other nuclear role playing games.

The characters are all based on my real life friends.

Rapture is known to mean "destruction".

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