One of the main characters, Michael is the leader of the Assassins and one of the Four Leading Mercenaries.


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When he time travelled, Michael has two regular but light swords. When the Mercs find him they give him a pistol and show him how it works but he rarely uses it. His hidden blade somehow broke when he time travelled. Soon durng Repairing the Steel, Tristan finds a way to fix it when Tj digs up an old scroll, as well as finding a curved sword frozen in ice, and it seems to freeze people he hits with it. Michael named it the Cold Steel sword. During Simulation #55, he finds a sword on a Raider during the simulation. He finds it in the armoury after completing the simulation, and declares it as his share of the loot. The sword is charged with lightning and shocks everyone it touches. At 10 Years Later, he replaces his pistol with a silenced Ice pistol, developed by Tristan for a silent kill and the bullet melts so it cannot be traced back to him. (Even though the rest of the Mercs are confused why he bothered with the ice, the police don't exist anymore.)

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